Our dog hospitalized. Am I next?

Our Island Dog, Finnegan, almost died last week.  Most likely ate something toxic on one of our beach walks.  Oops!  Guess I buried the lead.  I’m sick, too.

Finnegan has always “prospected” for food on our walks.  We try to pull him back on a short leash, but once he gets a hold of something he considers edible, good luck getting it away.  We could tell he wasn’t feeling well, and took him in late last week.  Finnegan was running a fever and his liver values were so high, the vet’s in-house equipment couldn’t record it.  So they sent blood work out and it came back at almost 6000; high value in the normal range is only 118!


Three days on antibiotics and IV fluids and hopefully he’s turned the corner.  He got to come home over the weekend, along with a big bag full of doggie meds and special food.  So far, so good.

I’m not feeling well–and I need to meet with Finnegan’s vet in a few minutes for a follow up–so I’ll keep today’s post short.

Hopefully my health blip isn’t as serious.  I’ve been running a low grade, neutropenic fever for three days.  Near normal in the morning, then as high as 101.4 late afternoon/evening.

I insisted my local oncologist do blood work; nothing scheduled on my week off.  I want to see exactly where my white and absolute neutrophil (ANC) counts are a week after my first full month of CcD (Cytoxan/carfilzomib/dex).  Good time to see my numbers.  No dex for a week.

I’m taking an anti-pneumonia drug prophylactically three days a week; I washed an extra one down over the weekend.  No other symptoms, except for a mild headache when the fever is highest PM.  No cough or flu-like symptoms.

I’ll fight being hospitalized.  Too many bugs in there!  And if it sounds a bit forward for me to be insisting a doctor do this or that, remember that I’m not speaking with the doctor; I stopped in and spoke with his medical assistant.  I know that I’ve experienced this type of thing a half dozen times before.  I also know I’ve never had it last this long.

Life would be so much easier if my myeloma hadn’t morphed into a extra tough to track non-secretory form of cancer.  Light chain ratios can’t even track it.

Details tomorrow.  I feel pretty good this morning; no worries!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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