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Please forgive ongoing changes on our site.  Some of it has to do with making things device friendly: you will soon be able to read and research blog posts using your smart phone or device.  Unfortunately, I’m all about the content.  My young new volunteers are all about integrability.  We’ll get it worked out.  Int the meantime don’t miss a pair of broadcasts focusing on new trials that are currently recruiting–and that CrowdCare Foundation are considering funding:

Thursday, April 30

Thursday, April 30, 10 am PST, 11:00 am MST, Noon CST, 1 pm EST -CrowdCare Foundation
Dr.-Ivan-Borrello-200x200There are many immunotherapy approaches now being used to target multiple myeloma. One way to use patients’ own immune system to target the myeloma cells is called adaptive T-cell therapy with MILS (marrow infiltrating lymphocytes). Dr. Ivan Borrello is a pioneer to use this therapy (already being used in breast, prostate and pancreatic cancer) in multiple myeloma. He is using the immunotherapy with high dose chemotherapy He will explain how this therapy works and how the resulting promise it shows in early study is now being expanded to a 90 high-risk myeloma patient clinical trial.

Dr. Ivan Borello, MD is Associate Professor of Oncology, Associate Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine for the Graduate Program, and Director of the Cellular Therapeutics Center at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Dr. Borrello’s team of researchers have focused on the development of tumor immunotherapy for blood cancers. This approach is breaking new ground and is a pioneering effort by his team. Dr. Borrello has received numerous awards including the american Society for Clinical Oncology Scholarship Award, the Johns Hopkins University Clinican Scientist Award, the Kimmel Scholar Award, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America Clinical Translational Scholar Award.

Sounds like this one is similar to Dr. Koehne’s modified allogeneic trial up in New York City.

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Cure Talks will feature an second interview with Dr.Craid Hofmeister.  Earlier this month, Jenny Ahlstrom, Gary Anderson, Jack Aillo and Cindy Chmielewski interviewed him about his exciting new CAR T cell therapy.  The million dollar question: will success garnered against leukemia be trasferable to multiple myeloma?

Since I missed the first broadcast, I’m excited to get a chance to personally question Dr. Hofmeister, too.  Here’s a brief promo:

CAR Therapy for Myeloma Treatment with Dr. Craig Hofmeister

Dr. Criag Hofmeister graphics

CS1-CAR is a new and radically different approach in cancer treatment that harnesses the power of the patients immune system to rid itself of cancer. Initial clinical trials of a similar therapy used in treating Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia showed extraordinary success 88% of patients achieved complete remission. CureTalk panelists are talking to Dr. Craig Hofmeister to help us understand this new therapy and how myeloma patients will benefit.

Want to listen live?  Here’s the link:

Both broadcasts use the same platform: Blog Talk Radio.  Since this is the second crack distinguished panel will get to ask questions, my guess is there should be plenty of time for our callers to speak with Dr. Hofmeister directly.  If you can’t get through, or it isn’t a convenient time for you to listen, both broadcasts will be available after the fact.  I’ll Pass along Both replay links.

The bottom line:  Knowledge is power!  You hear that a lot, but with the help of hard working Jenny Ahlstrom, we’re trying to make it true!  Dr. Hofmeister’s study is one of the finalists to qualify for CrowdCare Foundation funding.  A clinical trial, designed to best help high risks myeloma patients.  Not high risk?  Are you sure?  Have you relapsed?  By some definitions that makes you high risk.  Relapsed a second time?  YOU ARE HIGH RISK!

That’s a pretty broad group of patients that directly benefit.  And “directly” is the operative word here.  The idea is the study that our Patient Advisory and Scientific Supervisory Panels are doing to soon approve the clinical trial with the the most promise.  And you get to chime in, too!  Patient Power!  The number on qualification: that successful results will be available sooner, ranther than later.  Not five years down the line, but one or two

Real help for you and me!  I’m pumped!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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