Oops! I Forgot my own anniversary…

The 8th anniversary of my multiple myeloma diagnosis has unceremoniously come and gone:            April 3rd, 2007.

I’ve been so busy tying up loose ends following our beach party event, I lost track of time.  And then there’s the unavoidable therapy fork-in-the-road decision I’m facing.  Honestly, the day and date that changed my life forever slipped my mind.

But I’ve been touting never missing an opportunity to celebrate.  My Mayo Clinic specialist at the time told me to heed the median life expectancy numbers: I’d most likely live between three and four years.

More than doubling his best guess is cause for celebration!  My newest goal is to make it past ten years.  I’m a competitive guy.  I realize I’ll need some luck to make it.  But compiling opinions from top rated myeloma experts can’t hurt.  I’m still in pretty good health, all things considered.  And I’m determined to try and stick around for a while longer.

I’m hoping following the ups-and-downs of my late stage myeloma journey can help others figure out what to do, too.

So time for a party!  In this case, a party of two.  Pattie and I will crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy a quiet meal; my favorite kind of celebration.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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