This Weeks Myeloma Highs and Lows

Hot Update Bart Barlogie will not retire but will be leaving to start a new practice elsewhere.  WOW! See below

The High


Bart Barlogie will be retiring as of the August 31, and be able to buy a new Harley and leathers and spend a well deserved victory lap into the sunset.  I received a letter from Dr. Morgan announcing the retirement and what a wonderful and happy sendoff was in the making for a friendly and harmonious separation.  Dr. Barlogie is by far the the most influential, inventive, driven, and patient centric myeloma specialist in the world, and I can not estimate how many extra years of life he has provided for so many.   Dr. Barlogie is my doctor so I am so heartbroken to see him go and wish he and his family a wonderful future.  Thank You Bart for saving my life and so very many more. 

The Low

A recent blog post has cast some doubt as to just how harmonious the split actually is.  Pat’s blog post outlining this can be seen if you CLICK HERE.  It states that a number of patients have contacted Pat and said that the Kumbaya spin on this separation is a lot more than currently meets the eye.  I think we will be learning more about this in the near future, and I hope it does not become another “Needs to Spend more time with his family”, or “Chose to pursue other interests” situations.  That would just be so sad for Bart and for UAMS.

Hot update – A recent blog post by Nick Van Dyk a friend and patient of Dr. Barlogie confirms, 
Bart is “not retiring” but will be setting up shop elsewhere.”
You can read Nick’s logical evaluation of the reasons for the split and the obvious considerations each of the patients who have committed their treatment to the Total Therapy regimen will now have to reevaluate for their ongoing care if you CLICK HERE.

The High

You can help yourself survive myeloma!  The MCRI (Myeloma Crowd Research Initiative) will air another of the 10 finalists for 
consideration for funding of the best possible clinical trial for high risk myeloma.   Most all myeloma becomes high risk and as a result a cure for high risk disease will mean a cure for all myeloma. 
You can help to pick and fund the most promising clinical trials in the world for myeloma.  MCRI High-Risk Myeloma Series: Dr. Guenther Koehne, MD, PhD, MSKCC, a T cell approach showing success even in plasma cell leukemia and now for use in myeloma. Tuesday, April 7 @ 1 pm EST  Call In by Phone to Listen Live: (347) 637-2631 or Listen Live Via Compute


Myeloma Patients, Caregivers, and Friends have all provided songs of hope and love to Cancer Patients.  If you have not heard it, when you do it will make your eyes leak. The Songs For Life 2015 album is a crowdsourced music project that was created with love by artists and singer-songwriters that have donated their time and music to help find a cure for cancer. The artists on the album were selected by the community and judges based on dozens of great entries. More than half of the artists on the album are cancer survivors themselves and understand how challenging the road can be for patients.  To hear some of the songs or purchase the recordings CLICK HERE.

All of the proceeds of this album go to cross-cancer research initiatives sponsored by the CrowdCare Foundation. If you are asking what you can do to help mover research forward at a faster pace, this is a perfect answer. The Songs For Life album is also an inspiring and ideal gift for friends or family members who are struggling in their fight against cancer.

Good luck and may God Bless your Cancer Journey.   For more information on multiple myeloma survival rates and treatments CLICK HERE and you can follow me on twitter at:

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