CBS reports on another biologic cancer miracle

Last month HBO ran an expose’ about cancer therapy that  reminded us how well one of the latest measles viral patients, Stephanie from Minnesota, was doing.  The experimental procedure was touted as a C-change in treating cancer:

HBO introduces the world to multiple myeloma


Scroll down a way and read some of the later comments.  Several disappointed members of the second measles virus cohort wrote in to say that, unlike Stacy, it didn’t work for them, or most of the other 14 or so subjects.

60 MinutesNot to be outdone, CBS has jumped in, broadcasting a similar documentary style report on Sunday’s 60 Minutes.

I wrote extensively about it–and have included links so you can watch–at my other, oft neglected blog these days,

Lots of important information there and plenty to ponder.  Check it out.

Moving on, Those of you that read my posts regularly know I’m not a fan of acronyms.  I don’t even text!  Surprised?  Neuropathy in my fingers make it difficult, can’t see my phone without my glasses; especially in the sun, and calling just seems easier to me.  So I never check my texts; think I have 300-400 unread showing up on my phone.  One small way I can try and simplify my life.  How’s that working for me?  Better cut something else out, because I’m overwhelmed!

All that said, I’m going to use the classic OMG!  The supportive comments that so many of you made at the end of yesterday’s post brought us Pattie and I both to tears.

I didn’t write about it, but Jenny Ahlstrom was one of my closest friends and confidants the past month.  She is the one that suggested I take Dr. Tricot’s offer to come and see him for a second opinion seriously; Dr. Tricot was her doctor in Utah before he moved to Iowa City.  She still travels down to see him regulary; we got to spend time together when our visits crossed last month.

The past weeks, Jenny didn’t try to push me toward Dr. Tricot.  On the contrary, she was balanced and a great listener.  So busy doing broadcasts to help patients decide which of the ten Myeloma Crowd Care Initiative clinical trials to support through crowd funding and corporate support.  Yet Jenny took the time to call and email, reminding me not to forget to pray about my decision.  That whenever she faced a tough decision or came to an important crossroad like mine, prayer had helped her choose the right path.

She was right!  Call it prayer, meditation or quiet contemplation.  But something deep inside me clicked.  Instant peace!  I knew traveling to Iowa to transplant was the right thing to do before bringing out the yellow legal pad to start my pros and cons list.

Dear readers, don’t ever think I don’t spend time reflecting on your suggestions–and reveling in your kind works and support.  I’d be a total wreck if I didn’t have you!

So thank you Pattie, Jenny, my old friends Ed, Michele, Lisa, and Tim, my sister Joan, Pattie’s sister and brother-in-law, Mary and Tom, and new friends like Danny Parker Gary Petersen, Paula and Cindy in NJ, fellow Patient Ambassadors, Susie at Snow, Kathy and the Millennium team, Gary in Clearwater, my new friends at the North Jacksonville myeloma support group, Richard, Paula, Haydon, Ann and David Martin, Paul, Sue, Donnie and so many others back on the Gulf coast–and everyone that took the time to pull me aside and visit at the Beach Party last week.

Re-reading Dave Visel’s Myeloma Survival Guide helped.

I’m forgetting so many.  Everyone that spoke at our amazing event.  Matt and Nick from California. Readers Nil, Mark, Nancy, Holt, suzierose, Vic, Sonya, Sue, Dick, Wendy and all the doctors and their support teams that have patiently answered our questions in person, online and over the phone.  Email me if I forgot to give you a shout out!

I’ve gotten advice well wishes from Cure Talks Priya in India, and patients from England, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Germany, Norway, Sweden and more–and just about all of the 50 States back here at home.

What can I say about that except, Thank you.  From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.”

I trust Dr. Tricot and his awesome team.  Now, it had better work!  I plan to be around for a while…

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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