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FEBRUARy 13, 2015

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What to Eat?
with Dr. Colin Campbell and Dr. Kaayla T Daniel
February 26th, 2015. 7PM EST RSVP

We are what we eat. But what do we eat? Should we be eating meat? Or is a plant-based diet a healthier way of eating? Searching for answers on the World Wide Web inevitably leads to more questions, making us even more confused. Are supplements beneficial, or a waste of money? Are there certain principles of nutrition that everyone should follow or does “optimal” vary from person to person? To provide some clarity on the subject we have Dr. Colin Campbell the author of The China Study and Dr. Kaayla T Daniel of The Weston A. Price Foundation as our guests. Although they come from opposite schools of thought, our goal will be to find areas of convergence and demystify one of the biggest dilemmas of our time: nutrition.


Dr. Colin Campbell

Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel

Julie Dulude

Priya Menon

Early Treatment of Myeloma 
with Dr. Irene Ghobrial
February 12th, 2015. 6pm EST HEAR TALK
Stopping myeloma before it even gets started! Lot of work is being done in this preventative approach and Dr. Irene Ghobrial of Dana Farber Cancer Institute will be talking to us about the new strategies to help MGUS and smoldering patients. In contrast to the watch and wait approach practised by doctors for patients where disease progression is not easily discernable, this new approach to understand the patients condition and treat early may prove to be life saving.



Dr. Irene Ghobrial

Gary Petersen 

Pat Killingsworth

Cynthia Chmielewski

Matt Goldman

Medicine for the Mind 
with Dr. Peter Wayne
January 27th, 2014. 5PM EST HEAR TALK

Living in the 21st century means less time, more stress; less standing more sitting; less walking more driving; less slow food, more fast food and less face time more Facebook. All this adds up to a very poor state of mind, body and health. Leading to a slew of health problems from depression, aches and pains, heart diseases and the list goes on. Finding a solution in a pill or a surgery could seem smart but not always wise. As one explores holistic / complementary approaches to issues of the mind and body and health, very naturally we are confused with what works and what doesnt, who to believe and what to believe? This dilemma holds us back from taking our first step towards trying out holistic approaches even though they have been scientifically proven to help heal us. Today, on the show we are discussing Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation with experts who will answer a lot of our burning questions and hopefully bring clarity to this very important issue of our time.

Dr. Peter Wayne

Dr. Carol Horton

Morgan Dix

Aziz Rawat


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