Thank You Myeloma Patient Community For Your Support Of

Thank you for a very good 2014.  It  was an excellent year for the web site, and I would like to thank all the people who have viewed the site, left comments, made suggestions for improvement, and thanked us for the information we provide to improve life expectancy and survival rate outcomes for the myeloma patient community.  In 2014 we have had a total of 223,060 site visits, or 3 visits for every myeloma patient in the USA, and 479,902 page views.  Those numbers are taken from the myeloma survival site usage statistics below. 

In addition, if you search the following phrases with Google,  myeloma survival shows up in the search results as follows:

Multiple Myeloma Specialists – 
listed on Page 1
Best Multiple Myeloma Hospitals –  listed on Page 1
Multiple Myeloma Survival Rate – listed on Page1
Multiple Myeloma Life Expectancy – listed on Page 1

Thank you for your support, and let’s all hope and pray for the cure for all myeloma patients.

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