The British Are Coming!  The British Are Coming?  Dr. Gareth Morgan Was The Featured Speaker On The November 18th Cure Panel and Discussed “UAMS Treatment of MORE CAN CURE”

PictureMyeloma Cure, Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!

The British Are Coming!  Dr. Gareth Morgan became the new Director of the Myeloma Program at UAMS in Little Rock  in July of 2014, and he was the  featured speaker at the November 18th Cure Panel Broadcast.  CLICK HERE to listen to the  rebroadcast.  This is one that you can not afford to miss.  Dr. Morgan came to UAMS from The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and The Institute of Cancer Research in London, where he was a Professor of Haematology and Director of the Centre for Myeloma Research.  Dr. Bart Barlogie was the the founder of the UAMS program, and he has led the program to become one of the best programs in the world with exceptional survival rates. The Total Therapy protocol for myeloma treatment was developed at UAMS and is based on using a ” hit the myeloma hard with up front therapy” when the disease has not had an opportunity to develop resistance.  This MORE CAN CURE approach will be our topic, and has and will continue to be a HOT TOPIC!

Some recent on line publications by Dr. Morgan which may be of interest are the following:

– Dr. Morgan chaired a
review of the Myeloma 2014 meeting in Boston where top myeloma specialists discussed:
“How Do We Understand and Pursue Cure for Myeloma?” To view CLICK HERE.

Dr. Morgan discusses the biology of Multiple Myeloma and its implications for successful treatment protocols.  To read this article CLICK HERE.

For all people who know of the current UAMS program, some key questions instantly come to mind. 

How will the program change under  Dr. Morgan’s leadership?

UAMS has conducted clinical trials, however they were usually UAMS only trials.  Will UAMS continue this strategy or will they be involved in the new monoclonal antibody clinical trials, etc?

What is  Dr. Barlogie’s new role in the UAMS structure?

These are just a few of the questions which come to mind, I expect the Cure Panel and the listeners will have a lot more questions and concerns.  Please email with your questions.   UAMS is one of the premiere and world class Myeloma programs in the world.  How will this leadership change affect the current program and the future direction?

You will find more information on multiple myeloma if you go to the web site or follow me on twitter @grpetersen1.  God bless all who have to be on this journey/

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