Understanding Fundraising for Cancer @CurePanel 3/7 6pm ET

We bring together a panel of cancer advocates on the Cure Panel Talk Show this March for an interesting discussion on Fundraising for Myeloma. The show will be co-hosted by myeloma survivor and blogger Matt Goldman and supporting him on the panel are cancer advocates who have raised funds for myeloma/cancer and continue to do so.

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3/7 @ 6pm Eastern Time

We are talking to Brad Coustan, Kendra Goffredo, and Wilma Comenat to understand the nuances of fundraising and how to go about it. Make sure you join us to know where to donate money, how to check rating of charities, how are donations accepted, what should you look for while donating and more…

Meet our Cure Panelists:



Matt Goldman was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in May, 2011 at the age of 49. With the help of his team of doctors, he has achieved partial remission and is currently in a maintenance phase of treatment. He had his stem cells collected in December, 2011, but has no current plans to undergo a stem cell transplant. His two primary doctors are Dr. James Berenson and Dr. Vu Phan. Matt is a land use planner for the Port of Long Beach. He is recently married and enjoys spending time with his dog and on his bike. He has a blog that documents his journey, www.mattvsmyeloma.com and is also on twitter at @mpg61.

Brad Coustan was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in December of 2012 at age 45. Seven months later in June of 2013 he hosted the first annual #bradstrong Golfs Against Cancer fundraiser which attracted a full house of 144 golfers and another 100 guests for dinner and cocktails. He recruited corporate sponsors to cover the costs of running the event so that 100% of the individual donations went toward finding a cure and Multiple Myeloma research. The event was so strongly attended and received that the second annual #bradstrong Golfs Against Cancer will be held June 23, 2014 just six months after his stem cell transplant.

Kendra Goffredo is an elite triathlete based in Washington, DC. Though she now races on an international level in IRONMAN competitions (swim 4K-bike 180K-run 42K, all in one day), she bought her first bike and learned to swim only three years ago. Inspired by her father’s ability to defy the odds in his battle with myeloma, she uses triathlon as a platform to raise funds and awareness in the fight against myeloma. To date, she has raised over $60,000 for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. On her blog, chitoandkgo.com, she writes at the intersection of triathlon, family, and fighting myeloma.

Cynthia Chmielewski  is a Jersey Girl! She was born and raised in “The Burg” made famous by the novels of Janet Evanovich. After graduating from Rutgers University she secured a job as a special needs educator and has been teaching ever since. Cynthia was diagnosed with Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma in 2008 and began treatment with novel therapies immediately. She retired from teaching after 28 years of service when a Stem Cell Transplant failed to put her into remission. Now that she is retired she uses her passion for education to teach a new group of “students”- myeloma patients and their caregivers. Cynthia is an active member of the Philadelphia Multiple Myeloma Networking Group, a trained mentor, and participates in several online communities. She also is very active on Twitter. Naturally her Twitter name is @MyelomaTeacher.

If you are considering fundraiser events or would like to be part of fundraising events, make sure you register for the event and get a chance to talk to Brad, Kendra and Wilma Live !

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