Myeloma Control vs Cure with Dr. Vincent Rajkumar, MD of Mayo Clinic on The Cure Panel Talk Show


The Cure Panel Talk Show is discussing, Multiple Myeloma : Control vs. Cure and how relevant control is  in new times, when ‘Cure’ is being repeatedly mentioned with respect to Myeloma treatment, with none other than Dr. S. Vincent Rajkumar, MD.

Myeloma treatment is at an evolutionary stage: recent times have seen two new drugs for myeloma being approved by the FDA, the IMF’s Swan Initiative aims at exploring MRD (Minimum Residual Disease) leading to suggestions of possible cures, immunotherapy, and new molecules under research and trials.  Under the circumstances, Control and Cure philosophies of myeloma treatment is in focus again.

Dr. Rajkumar in his article Treatment of Myeloma: Cure vs Control published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings throws open the debate.

Should we treat patients with myeloma with multidrug, multitransplant combinations with the goal of potentially curing a subset of patients, recognizing that the risk of adverse events and effect on quality of life will be substantial? Or should we address myeloma as a chronic incurable condition with the goal of disease control, using the least toxic regimens, emphasizing a balance between efficacy and quality of life, and reserving more aggressive therapy for later?

Highly respected and much admired by peers and patients alike, Dr. Rajkumar is part of the Dream Team which any myeloma patient would like to be treated by.



Supporting Dr. Rajkumar and discussing this much debated topic are Cure Panelists : Gary Petersen, Pat Killingsworth, Cynthia Chmielewski, Nick van Dyk, and Lizzy Smith.


Is it always necessary to treat myeloma until CR is reached? What determines when to stop treatment? How long can one survive on a ‘control’ approach?

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