Understanding Inflammatory and Triple Negative Breast Cancer on Cure Panel



We kicked off our New Year with a very interesting and informative Cure Panel discussion on two very rare and aggressive types of breast cancer on Wednesday at 6pm Eastern time on The Cure Panel Talk Show.

The featured expert on the show was breast cancer surgeon Dr. Jovita Oruwari who joined us on the show on time in spite of being stuck in surgery the hour before and went on to explain and inform our panel and our listeners about the various aspects of inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) and triple negative breast cancer (TNBC).

The show was co-hosted by breast cancer warrior Beverly Mckee. Beverly was great and led the panel discussion with questions touching on treatments available for IBC and TNBC. On the panel were breast cancer survivors and advocates, Terry Arnold and Eileen z. Fuentes. Unfortunately, our third panelist, Heidi Floyd was unable to join us on the show since she was caught in a snowstorm.

Terry Arnold, Founder of The IBC Network Foundation, touched upon the different reconstruction issues due to the unique nature of IBC and/or TN, special needs that a patient or caregiver needs to know from a surgical standpoint and more.

Eileen Z. Fuentes, TNBC survivor and founder of The SPEECH, spoke and discussed about the higher rate of TNBC in African-American, Latinas, and younger women, nutrition and lifestyle changes that help reduce risk.

You can listen to the show here:

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The panel also discussed chemotherapy options, mammograms and we wound up the discussion with a positive note: Breast Cancer is Treatable. Keep up the Hope!


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