Clinical Trials Cost a Minimum of $10k-15k per Patient – Dr. Ajai Chari of Mount Sinai Hospital in Conversation with Panelists on The Cure Panel Talk Show

Dr. Ajai Chari of Mount Sinai Hospital was the myeloma expert on The Cure Panel Talk Show broadcast on Thursday, 26 September. The topic of discussion was Clinical Trials in Myeloma and on the panel were patient experts, Gary Petersen, Pat Killingsworth, Jack Aiello, Cynthia Chmielewski, and Lizzie Smith.

The panel discussion was exhaustive and Dr. Chari provided all panelists and listeners with in-depth  details  of how  clinical trials are approved, how patients are accrued for trials, the money involved and who picks up the costs of clinical trials.

Listen to Dr. Chari talk about why clinical trials are not options for certain patients and who should ideally enroll for clinical trials.

The discussion continued for over 60 mins and there were questions that had yet to be answered. We will be scheduling a second part with Dr. Chari in the coming months so as to get all questions on clinical trials answered.

CureTalk thanks all participants for their support.

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