MMRF’s Kathy Guisty on Morning Joe – Sharing of Data Can Improve Cancer Research

The 4 min on Morning Joe was certainly not enough to explain what MMRF planned to launch as a new transformation which would be the future course of action at MMRF for bringing new drugs/treatments to the myeloma patient in ‘myeloma time’, a term coined by myeloma author/advocate Pat Killingsworth describing the way he lives, not wanting to waste a minute of finite, precious time

Kathy Guisty, founder/CEO of MMRF mentions three important programs that MMRF is launching simultaneously:

Focus on big data helped by genomic sequencing   

– Open access to share patient data in a public domain so as to direct patients to appropriate treatments and clinical trials. Similar sharing and open access to research data which would be shared via MMRF Research Gateway making it accessible to scientists in order to speed up development of precision therapies leading to cures.

– Empower the patient to locate and participate in clinical trials specific to their disease needs.

Open source sharing of data is the big news…and the method which Guisty feels would accelerate the research process and may give myeloma patients treatments and cure that they need in order to ensure a longer life… i-e working against myeloma time to bring in a cure !!

Even though Morning Joe seemed to have lost the myeloma thread somewhere during the talk, Kathy Guisty’s enthusiasm and conviction of MMRF’s new venture and hope that it provided came through clearly.

You can listen to Kathy Guisty on Morning Joe here:

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