DIET & MYELOMA with Danny S. Parker and Pat Killingsworth on The Cure Panel Talk Show

Does your diet have an effect on your myeloma treatment? If so, what are some of the nutritional supplements which are beneficial to people fighting this type of cancer and what are some of the foods that are best avoided?

This is what we are discussing tonight on The Cure Panel Talk Show: DIET & MYELOMA and the expert on the show is Dr. Danny S. Parker, myeloma survivor and lifestyle columnist at


Danny Parker is a research scientist with the University of Central Florida where studies low energy homes under contract to the U.S. Department of Energy. He also is an author and has interest in many areas (also is a Zen Buddhist priest). Mr. Parker was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in August 2010; underwent a stem cell transplant in January 2011 and has been in remission since. Given a lifelong dedication to research, Mr. Parker now studies myeloma and seeks to find ways to help himself and others to a happy and productive life.



Co-host of tonight’s Cure Panel Talk Show and myeloma survivor, Pat Killingsworth has been writing a four part series on Food and Supplements that Myeloma Patients Should Avoid and the links to these are:

Pat’s list of the top 10 foods & supplements that are best avoided by myeloma patients include, alpha lipoic acid (ALA) which is often recommended by doctors (Dr. Berenson recommended it on one of Cure Panel Talk Shows) for reducing peripheral neuropathy, a side effect often associated with myeloma treatments and this started quite a discussion on Pat’ blog. You can read it here.

The list also includes ‘too much alcohol’ though evidence indicates that drinking in moderation (one or two drinks daily) is in fact good for myeloma patients and our expert Danny confirms the same in one of his comments on the blog.

In Part 2 of the blog, Pat goes on to explain why some of the items made it to his list of top 10 and you can read his impeccable reasoning aided by evidence provided by Danny.

While the third part deals with artificial sweeteners, the fourth part once again talks about consumption of alcohol and myeloma and cancer in general.

A great round up of all that is important in terms of diet for myeloma patients.

Tune in today evening at 6pm ET to talk and discuss more about diet with Danny and Pat on The Cure Panel Talk Show on Cancer and Nutrition.

We have an international panel of patients and experts joining us for the call, Nancy Shamanna would be joining us from Canada while Gary Petersen will be dialing in from Florida. We have nutritionist Dr. Smriti Parekh joining the show from India in the early wee morning hours (3:30 am) here!

You can dial-in to 718-6646574 to ask a question Live on the show or listen to the LIVE show here:



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