Vote For iHealthNY, the Patient Control App!


Have you voted for iHealthNY? No?

Then, please do go ahead and cast your vote for this is your chance to show your love and appreciation for TrialX! This is a demo web portal developed by TrialX for a challenge being organized by New York State. The challenge is to let New Yorkers access their health records online in an easy and secure manner. Our app is called iHealthNY (sort of like I Love NY).

What does iHealthNY offer? Here is what it offers to patients (demo video below) :

  • Quick and easy access to personal health information
  • Simple yet secure ways to share the record with other providers and family/friends
  • Easy availability of additional web resources to satisfy information needs that arise based on the information in the patent record
  • Simplified access control for sharing information
  • One click navigation design for easy usability
  • Innovative integration of web search results to provide additional information to what the user is looking for
  • Built on open source technology stack

Wow! Is this not a great initiative for enabling patient control of their health information? Personally, I think it is!

So readers this is your chance to become an agent of change, cast your vote today! Now!

Click on the link here to vote for iHealthNY.




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