Cheers! Alcohol Does Not Impact Breast Cancer Survival Rates!


Cheers! Alcohol Does Not Impact Breast Cancer Survival Rates!

Cheers! Alcohol Does Not Impact Breast Cancer Survival Rates! Pic Courtesy:


Are you one of those who likes an occasional glass of wine or some other alcohol? Yes? But perhaps now you are unable to indulge in this small pleasure because of the previously held notion that breast cancer survival rates may come down due to alcohol consumption.

As per latest report published in TIME, drinking before and after a breast cancer diagnosis makes no change in a woman’s survival from the cancer. In fact it was seen that alcohol consumption even seemed to improve survival rate. No need to fret! Raise a toast, if you are in the mood, I say.

Polly Newcomb study author and head of the Cancer Prevention Program at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center sharing her views said,

Our findings should be reassuring to women who have breast cancer because their past experience consuming alcohol will not impact their survival after diagnosis. This study also provides additional support for the beneficial effect of moderate alcohol consumption with respect to cardiovascular disease.

For the purpose of the study, researchers closely studied 23,000 women for about 11 years. Interestingly the type of alcohol consumed prior to their cancer diagnosis did not in any way impact dying from breast cancer. So though wine, especially red-wine is thought to be beneficial, women who have some other alcohol as their favorite can go ahead and indulge in an occasional glass.

Study authors say,

Our findings suggest that alcohol consumption, before and after breast cancer diagnosis, is associated with a reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease. These results are reassuringly concordant with the previously described role for moderate levels of alcohol consumption in improved cardiovascular survival, regardless of breast cancer status.

While this news is great for those who like to have some alcohol, moderation though is the key to good health. Do not over indulge, and binge drink; nothing can be worse for the health than that. And yes, if in doubt of wether alcohol benefits outweighs the risks, then do have a small chat with the health professional to allay your fears.

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