How Can We Achieve Our Highest Potential?

How can we achieve our potential?

How can we achieve our potential? Image courtesy:

One of the biggest myths about the human brain is that we only use approximately 10 percent of its capacity. According to most scientists, this is a myth that has been promoted over the years by the media and advertisers. If we believe that we really do only use 10 percent of our brain’s capacity, it stands to reason that we could achieve much more throughout the course of our lives if we learned how to access the other 90 percent. Unfortunately, the 10 percent theory really is just a myth, according to Ed Chudler in his article, Myths About the Brain: 10 percent and Counting. There is no undiscovered secret that would allow us to access the unused portions of our brains and boost our potential.

How then can we achieve our highest potential? How can we become greater educators, greater musicians, better readers, skilled engineers, excellent athletes, or achieve whatever dreams and goals we have set for ourselves? I believe that the key to living and achieving our highest potential is to not limit ourselves. So much of what we think, say and do is dictated by others. We constantly compare ourselves to other people, and we allow anything and everything outside ourselves to determine our own happiness. This is especially true for women and self-esteem. Many women define themselves only in relation to men, but women do not exist to please men. We need to believe that the sky is the limit, and that we are capable of whatever we set out to do. Often we are our own biggest critic.

Achieving our highest potential also means not allowing anyone else to dictate the terms of our existence. We aren’t selfish, yet exhibit both compassion and wisdom to lead people toward happiness. Millions of people search for happiness in the wrong place – outside themselves – often in their partners, their jobs, houses, cars, money, drugs, food, and the list goes on. Everyday I have great new ideas of activities I’d like to undertake, stories I want to write, projects I’d love to start, that I think I don’t have enough time to do everything I want to do in this lifetime. But I’ll never limit myself, and I”ll always aim to achieve my highest potential.

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