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March Myeloma Cure Panel

March Myeloma Cure Panel

A great panel comprising of Staff attorney Cancer Legal Resource Center, Anya Prince, myeloma survivor Amy Garofalo and myeloma author and survivor Pat Killingsworth discussed work place legal issues as well as myeloma related stress with co-host and myeloma survivor, Matt Goldman.

Listen to The March Cure Panel Talk Show broadcast on Working While Living with Myeloma here:

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The show started off at 6pm EST on Wednesday (which is about 3:30 am India time 21st of March for me) and had over 22 people listening to the discussion live.

The panelists talked about the work they did for a living and the changes they had to accept in their career post their myeloma diagnosis.

While Pat Killingsworth is a freelance medical writer and myeloma author with freedom to work from home at hours most convenient to him, he reminisced about his pre-diagnosis days when he and his wife were known as the Pat and Pattie team.

Amy Garofalo has her own medical transcription company and talked at length about many a career vicissitudes post her diagnosis. Co-host Matt is a land use planner for Port of Long Beach and described changes in work place attitude and cancer related stress post cancer diagnosis. To Matt’s question on whether there is any scientific data that connected work place stress to myeloma relapse, Pat’s answer was in the negative.

Anya Prince, answered many a legal question on employer accommodations for cancer patients and about revealing your cancer diagnosis to your employer. She also touched upon the nuances of FLMA provisions in answer to a question from the listeners.

CureTalk thanks Anya Prince, Amy Garofalo, Pat Killingsworth, and Matt Goldman for a very useful and informative panel discussion.

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