Sleep, Secret to a Loving Relationship!


Sleep, the magic mantra to a loving relationship

Sleep, the magic mantra to a loving relationship! Pic Courtesy:

Are you going wide-eyed thinking how possibly can sleep be the magic mantra to a loving relationship? Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley conducted a study to observe how sleep may affect people’s feelings of thankfulness and the ability to value and appreciate romantic partners.

Huffington Post shares the details of the new study, recently published in the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

For the purpose of the study, 60 heterosexual couples between the ages of 18-56 were closely observed vis-à-vis their sleep and romantic relationship between themselves.

It was observed that people tended to feel less appreciated by their partners if either they or their partner slept poorly.  This is a very interesting and telling observation, since there are scores of people who believe that sleep is a waste of time or more importantly the most negotiable aspect of life.

So whether we believe it or not, this study shows how deeply sleep can influence the emotional energy of a relationship.

Poor sleep patterns among partners can create havoc with restful sleep. Imagine if you have regular sleep requirement, but your partner suffers from insomnia, and thus keeps tossing and turning in bed, or say sleeping next to a person with sleep apnea; there is no way you will get restful sleep for the night. For that matter, if you’re an early-to-bed-early-to-rise type, having a night owl as partner, who likes to read or watch TV late into the night, can interfere with sleep.

Michael J. Breus, PhD, certified sleep doctor says,

These may be among the reasons why an increasing number of couples are choosing to sleep in separate beds. Research shows as many as 25 % of couples are sleeping separately, and this is a number that’s been rising for years. The separate-bed strategy may seem like an attractive option for couples struggling to sleep together well. But it’s important to consider what might be lost in this choice. I’m talking about the intimacy created by sharing a bed. And I’m not only talking about sexual intimacy, although that’s certainly a risk of sharing separate beds. I’m also talking about the sense of togetherness and emotional connection that comes from sleeping together.

Prior research has shown that poor sleep increases the likelihood of depression and anxiety. Small wonder then, the emotional dynamics within a relationship suffer, due to lack of sleep.

So if you have sleep problems and if none of your home remedies of relaxation are working (like having a lukewarm/hot drink before going to bed or having a cup of chamomile tea, switching off all digital and wired gadgets etc.), then it makes sense to visit a certified sleep doctor to get help. Sleep as we can see plays a very crucial and central role regarding how we feel and behave in our waking hours with our loved ones.

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