French Fries Increase Prostate Cancer Risk by 37%


French Fries Increase Prostate Cancer Risk by 37%

French Fries Increase Prostate Cancer Risk by 37%. Pic Courtesy:

Love deep-fried food? Just can’t seem to have enough of the French fries, battered fish, chips and deep fried chicken? Uh Oh! Well, let me warn you, as per a latest research published in the journal The Prostate, fried food increases prostate cancer risk in the range of 30-37%.

Sharing the details of the report, the Daily Mail reports, that the risks go up as the men age. Post 50 years, men are more likely to develop a tumor.

This is not the first such study, since previous studies have shown that food cooked on very high flame/ heat (includes grilled meats too) can increase the risk of tumor formation. So, don’t be under the misconception that grilling is fine.

For the purpose of the study, specialists at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle analyzed data from two studies. 1,549 men diagnosed with prostate cancer and another 1,492 men of similar age and profile who were in good health, were closely studied.

Dr Janet Stanford, research lead said,

This is the first study to look at the association between intake of deep-fried foods and risk of prostate cancer. The link appeared to be limited to the highest level of consumption – defined in our study as more than once a week. This suggests that regular consumption of deep-fried foods confers a particular risk for developing prostate cancer.

Why do deep fried food exacerbate cancer risk? While there is no definitive answer for that, one theory is that when cooking oil is heated to very high temperatures (especially in case of deep-frying), carcinogenic compounds can form in the food.

It is these carcinogenic compounds that increase cancer risk. Unsafe compounds like glycation endproducts are present in large quantities in deep-fried foods.

Oliver Childs, senior science communication officer, said:

It’s clear that a healthy diet high in fruit, vegetables and fiber and low in red meat and salt is better for overall health than one packed full of greasy fast food.

So go ahead enjoy the occasional chips, French fries and other deep-fried favorite food, for life is not about living in deprivation. But, remember not to make it a frequent habit. After all you don’t want to be faster than intended in the grave, do you?

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