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7:05 – We come to an end – we had more than 25 listeners on the call and so much information that we could not keep up. We will do a more detailed blog shortly. In the meantime you can listen to the audio recording above. Once again thanks to the docs and the panelists for their participation. And to all the listeners – we had international listeners from Canada and India!!! And once again, you can find Myeloma clinical trials using the MMRF Patient Navigator powered by TrialX

7:00 A futuristic question – are nanobots being used in treatment of Myeloma? Or is a vaccine in the pipeline?

6:59 A question from a listener – can you use revlimid without a corticosteroid? Dr. Kumar says that we want to use it in combination.

6: 58 Dr. Faber and Dr. Kumar are asked about how long treatment should be taken before clinical trial of a newer line of treatement is considered

6:55 We have a listener from Canada – asking about need to try clinical trials if one line of treatment  fails to contain the disease

6:53 We are opening the panel to listeners to ask questions

6:51 Dr Kumar adds that this is indeed the case and more data is emerging. But does it require routine PET/CT Scan for all patients?

6:48 Dr. Faber provides a detailed answer – discussing the data being collected on this

6:47 Cyndy, our first time panelists now asks a questions – “extra medullary disease (EMD) at diagnosis and others develop EMD after relapse. It seems to me that once myeloma leaves the bone marrow and migrates to the soft tissues outside the bone marrow it becomes more aggressive and harder to treat. Should routine PET/CT scans be done at diagnosis to determine if a patient has extramedullary disease so an aggressive treatment plan can be developed?” 

6:33 to 6:46 – Questions from Pat and Jack – we will fill on this part

6:32 Dr. Kumar says that most Phase 3 studies are more commonly available and suggests resources to find such trials (note: we have a myeloma dedicated clinical trials patient navigator for the MMRF – check the MMRF Patient Navigator

6:31 Gary asks how can patients can participate in clinical trials of these latest treatments which are limited to certain academic medical centers

6:30 Gary Petersen thanks both the Doctors for the excellent round up

6: 27 We have Dr. Shaji Kumar back – and he continues discussing the new treatments in the pipeline like MLN9078

6: 26 Dr. Faber continues to talk about newer drugs and about elotuzumab, a monoclonal antibody that are usually well tolerated and how the drug is now showing excellent promise in combination with other drugs. Dr. Faber says that these monoclonal antibodies  may be the new class of drugs that can provide the next generation of treatment options for patients.

6:20 We have Dr. Kumar back in the call – he will be back on Air shortly

6:14 Dr. Faber touches upon new treatments like BTK inhibitors, KSP inhibitors

6:13. Dr. Faber says a lot of the new work is trying previous concepts in a newer light

6:12 – A little blip – we have lost Dr. Kumar and are getting Dr. Faber on Air

6:06 – Dr. Shaji Kumar is discussing the role of Carfilzomib, a proteasome inhibitor,  and the recent data showing its promise. It has lesser side effect of neuropathy as bortezomib.

6:05 pm – Introduction by Priya Menon of the Cure Panel and By Co-host Gary Petersen, Editor of the

6:00 pm We are live and up on our 5th Myleoma Cure Panel (the first of 2013)

Both Dr. Shaji Kumar and Dr. Edward Faber are logged in – we are excited about this panel.

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