Heart Attack Risk Rises with Unemployment


Lost your job? Uh oh! You may be at risk of a heart attack! Pic Courtesy: sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net


As if being jobless was not enough, the risk of heart attack rises with the state of unemployment too. A recent research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, confirms the link between heart attack and unemployment.

The recent published report concludes that unemployment, numerous job losses and even brief periods without work, all significantly increase severe cardiovascular risks.

As per HuffingtonPost, for the purpose of the study scientists examined data of about 13,000 men and women in age group of 51 to 75.  The survey was partly sponsored by the National Institute on Aging.

University of Michigan researcher, Sarah Burgard is of the opinion that the association between job loss and health is definitive, but more information was required to the reason behind joblessness.

The recent research published gives fillip to the years of research, which has agreed to the link between health impact and job loss.

Why does work loss impact health?  Burgard says,

Theories include that the stress of losing a job may trigger a heart attack in people with clogged arteries or heart disease; and that the unemployed lose health insurance and access to medical care that can help keep them healthy.

The study also found that heart attack risk lessens when the period of unemployment is more than a year. This was especially true among members with multiple job losses. In other words a person, who is chronically unemployed, is not going to have a greater heart attack risk; the ones who suddenly lose their jobs are at risk.

How does this research help cardiologists, well for one, apart from confirming that indeed there is a positive link between grave health risk and job loss, it will help them to use this information in treating and may be even prevent an impending heart attack.


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