5 Latest Brain Tumor Research That Made Headlines


Brain Tumor Research Headlines

Interesting brain tumor research headlines.

CureTalk has been following brain tumor beginning this November and here are some of the most interesting brain tumor research that made the headlines…

Microvesicles, miniature diagnostic platform have been proved to be efficient biomarkers for detecting and monitoring progress of treatment in one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer, glioma. The novel technique provides instant results and all it needs is a sample of patient’s blood.

This study result would have certainly delighted and surprised the researchers. An approved anti-alcoholism drug being used since half a century has now been shown to kill glioma cells in the lab when used in combination with the chemotherapy drug, gemcitabine. Disulfiram could successfully cross the blood brain barrier to kill tumor cells.

Immunotherapy for brain cancer? An experimental vaccine coaches the immune system to recognize and target tumor cells after surgery or chemotherapy. The study is interesting and aims at eliminating the tumor completely after surgery/chemo/radiation.

Dr. Chinnaiyan and team has zeroed in on the metabolic pathways and signals that make glioma, the deadliest form of brain cancer, so aggressive. Using metabolomic profiling of glioma tissue samples research team identified key functional growth related pathways which can have prognostic significance.

The research team studied medulloblastoma, most common malignant brain cancer in children and made an important discovery. They found out that tumors arising from different types of cells respond differently to different therapies.

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