Book Help Children and Parents Handle Brain Tumor Diagnosis

Book ease brain tumor diagnosis

Brain tumor diagnosis easily explained in Joey’s Wish.

It is difficult to come to terms with a brain tumor diagnosis and if this is true for your child, it could be devastating. You would not know how to tell your child about the condition or, prepare her/him for the ensuing treatment. Most parents are at a loss when they have to explain to their child that they might have to go through a brain surgery for treatment.

Brittney Lee, the Le Bonheur Neurosurgery Nursing Coordinator, set out to make this easier for parents as well as the child. Lee wrote a book, inspired by an Arabic book about a child diagnosed with brain tumor. Lee’s book is titled Joey’s Wish and follows a little boy through his brain tumor diagnosis and treatment. The first copy of the book was handed out to a young girl and it helped her and her parents begin a conversation about the diagnosis. Lee is quoted in myfoxmemphis,

I wanted to tell the story of the patients that we see walk through our doors with a brain tumor diagnosis. I wanted to show the children what they can expect when they come to Le Bonheur.


Book helps handle brain tumor diagnosis in children

Children’s book helps handle pediatric brain tumor diagnosis.


Books that help children deal with tumor diagnosis should be a welcome resource. It would help children realize that they are not alone and allow them to shed their fears and inhibitions and discuss and understand their condition.

I applaud Lee and her team who came up with this brilliant idea and put in efforts to make it possible so as to help children cope with brain tumor diagnosis.

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