Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation, Livestrong Surges Ahead


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Lance Armstrong Foundation surges ahead with good work


Lance Armstrong is not just an award winning professional cycling champion, he is a terminal stage cancer survivor, who has given hope to millions of cancer warriors, that yes, cancer can be beaten and conquered successfully.

Armstrong founded his $500-million charity Livestrong, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, in 1997 in Austin Texas, after he was diagnosed with terminal stage testicular cancer. Armstrong’s consecutive seven Tour de France titles greatly helped the charity to grow.

Though Lance Armstrong has been stripped of all his cycling honors by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, after he has been found to be cheating through, not one, but seven Tour de France victories, Livestrong continues to surge ahead with its charity work.

Associated Press reports Chief executive and president Doug Ulman said the goal is to keep fighting for the mission of helping cancer victims. Doug said,

Armstrong’s leadership role doesn’t change. He’s the founder. He’s our biggest advocate and always will be. People with cancer feel ownership of the brand. It was created for them. Armstrong will be a big part of several days’ worth of events in Austin next week to celebrate the foundation’s 15th anniversary, including a fundraising gala expected to raise $2 million.

Lance Armstrong will perhaps not inspire professional cyclists anymore, but it will be cancer survivors like Paul Watkinson who will continue to take faith from his various inspirational writings and most importantly benefit from the various researches, which have been carried out, due to all the fundraising efforts.

As per Adelaidenow, Mr. Watkinson said,

If Armstrong was a garbage collector, I would still consider him a hero – he has survived a terminal stage testicular cancer.

Livestrong yellow bracelets, symbolizing hope and survivorship. Pic Credit:

The extremely popular yellow ‘Livestrong’ bracelets, introduced in 2004, became a global emblem not just for cancer awareness but also of survivorship. In spite of the doping scandal, I would say, do not throw away the bracelet if you own one, because one cannot negate the good work Lance Armstrong charity has done, especially for the cancer survivors and warriors.





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