Lance Armstrong Doping Scam Revealed, Cancer Warrior, Sporting Shame!

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong stripped!

Its’ with disbelief that the nation woke up to USADA report revealing Lance Armstrong, the cancer warrior and sporting legend to be the ringleader of the largest, most sophisticated doping scam that sporting history had ever witnessed.

Like many fans across the world, it is difficult to believe that the halo around Lance Armstrong was a sham all the time! The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has charged the seven-time winner of Tour de France with six offences covering use of banned substances, trafficking of drugs, administration of drugs to team mates, and aiding and abetting a massive cover-up between 1998 and 2005, as reported by Telegraph.

The USADA mentions the various ploys, detailed and meticulously planned doping manipulations in its exhaustive report on Armstrong,

Neither was Armstrong’s doping a one-off reaction to unrelenting external pressure. He doped before cancer; he doped after cancer; he doped through his glory years; and he doped in his comeback.

The report reveals emails, financial payments, scientific data, lab tests which without doubt prove possession, use, and distribution of performance enhancing drugs by Armstrong. The USADA report claims have the backing of 26 testimonies of people including 15 cyclists.

Einhorn and Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong with his oncologist Dr. Einhorn.

The sporting fraternity is in shock and so are the millions of sport fans across the globe. Armstrong has brought a larger shame, considered to be an inspiration to hundreds of cancer survivors, he has let these people down with his dark revelations. It remains to be seen if the $500m that Armstrong has raised through his cancer foundation for cancer research would help him save his reputation and keep him in unquestionable eminence among the cancer community.

However, the larger picture points to the fact that he broke the hearts of the countless people who saw him as a life force against illness and death. Their idol has undoubtedly conned them!

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