WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY: CureTalk Salutes Courage and Determination of Mental Health Disorder Survivors

On World Health Mental Day, I would like to look back and re-connect with mental health disorder survivors who have been associated with CureTalk.

By way of the patient platform, CureTalk interviewed mental health disorder survivors and shared their stories – their triumphs, their disappointments, their motivations, and most of their courage with our readers and rest of the world.

I have to say that I was overwhelmed with the kind of perseverance, patience, courage, and determination that all these people have exhibited in their lives. Mental health disorder has not been able to suppress these amazing personalities. Kudos to everyone one of them!

Meet them here,



Jennifer Myers

Jennifer Myers

Jennifer Myers is a blogger/writer who majored in Environmental Studies with Policy & Planning as special interest. She is particularly interested in international environmental policy. Jennifer was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in 2002 and since then has been trying to manage her condition and I should say she is doing a very good job with it. She is a Buddhist and with the help of her Buddhist chants, support from her loving husband, and family, Jennifer is now in control of her condition and courageously ignores the voices that haunt her. She is a writer and writes local news articles, is working on a children’s story and planning a personal memoir. She shares her story on her blog, Living with Schizoaffective Disorder.








Meet Erin, a successful career women, mother, and a bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder survivor. Her story is inspiring and you can read her journey on her personal blog,



Meet Gemma, a blogger who has been fighting schizoaffective disorder and living a normal life. She blogs about living with mental illness with the aim of increasing awareness and sharing her story. Read Gemma’s blogs at


Jen Vandee

Meet Jen VanDee, a 25 year old schizoaffective disorder survivor with a borderline personality disorder. Jen’s blog, Memoirs of a Schizo…Affective, is an insight into the mind of a person who understands her condition and is fighting it against all odds. Jen is an inspiration to people in similar condition and through her blog takes us on a journey through the alleyways and backyards the mind travels in schizoaffective disorder. Jen is getting better at managing her condition and plans to write a book on her experiences as well as advocate for schizoaffective disorder.


Jennifer Daisybee

Jennifer wins the NAMI Pinellas Consumer of the Year Award in 2010.

I am actually lost for words when it comes to Jennifer. She is a feminist vegetarian diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and Sjogren’s Syndrome. Though I have not met her, she is already like a friend. Her blog, Suicidal No More, is an expression of hope, her story, and was among CureTalk’s top 5 blogs on schizoaffective disorder. Jennifer is a member of NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) and is available for public speaking on schizoaffective disorder. Daisybee, as Jennifer is known to her friends, is eagerly awaiting the graphic novel based on her story that she coauthored with Jessica Leach.


Dan Hoeweler

Dan Hoeweler manages his schizoaffective disorder using medications, sleep disorder treatments, and lifestyle changes.

Dan Hoeweler suffers from schizoaffective disorder and is author of Creative Schizophrenia Blog. He hopes to help others through his blogs and create understanding of schizophrenia, ‘the most stigmatized, and misunderstood of all mental illnesses’. Dan is a writer and uses his illness in a positive way. Dan writes for street papers, literary journals, and horror magazines. His talent is not restricted to blogs or journals, he also writes poetry. You can learn more about Dan on his website, The Schizophrenic Writer.


Mental health disorder is definitely not an easy thing to live with, but in my association with people with various kinds of mental disorders, I have realized the stigma that surrounds the affliction is purely baseless.

Curetalk wishes all of you loads of mental health!

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