Do Six-Hour Housework Daily To Reduce Breast Cancer Risk By 13% : EPIC Study

Breast cancer risk reduces with more physical activity

Breast cancer risk inversely proportional to amount of physical activity! Get going ladies!


Housework, the much-hated chore has cancer-reducing benefits, according to a new EPIC study. Activity of any kind be it a brisk walk, housework or even gardening can help in reducing breast cancer risk, according to a study co-funded by the Cancer research UK. Published in the International Journal of Cancer, the extensive investigation is part of the European Prospective Investigation of Cancer (EPIC) study.

The study investigated more than 8000 breast cancer cases, and looked into the link between lifestyle and diet choices in relation to cancer. It was observed that the most physically active group: women, who are able to indulge in 6 hours of physical activity every day, can reap the maximum benefit of reducing breast cancer risk by 13%!!

Moderate physical activity, which is equivalent to 2.5 hours of housework or walking a day, can bring down the risk by 6%. Those who are just not inclined to any sort of physical activity, a minimum of just 150 minutes a week of brisk walking is recommended.

Physical activity also helps in reducing colon cancer risk; not being a couch potato has multiple benefits as you can see. Positive diet and lifestyle changes include, reducing alcohol intake and maintaining an optimal bodyweight.

One does not have to go overboard; just engage in physical activity, which leaves you slightly out of breath. Small, but consistent changes, which can be easily included in the daily lifestyle pattern (e.g. walking the pet, taking the flight of stairs, parking your car a little ahead so that you have to walk to your destination), will all help in adding up to your physical activity requirement for the week: simple, no-cost measures.

Sara Hiom, director of information at Cancer Research UK, told the Daily Mail,

You don’t need to train like an Olympic athlete but the excitement of watching team GB win so many golds might have inspired some of us to spend less time on the sofa. Keeping active could help prevent more than 3,000 cases of cancer in the UK every year. And it can have a positive effect on your health.

Six hours of housework!! now that seems a lot;

no worries, even small bursts of physical activity are extremely beneficial, according to co-author Professor Tim Key, a Cancer Research UK epidemiologist.

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