The CureTalk Weekly Round Up: Interviews, Multiple Myeloma Research, Carfilzomib, and FDA

Cure talk weekly roundup

FDA has approved Kyprolis and it is the first drug approval since 2006 for multiple myeloma. Reason to celebrate, indeed! Incidentally, we are also following multiple myeloma on CureTalk and we have plenty of myeloma research and news for our readers.
Dr. Ravi Vij

Dr. Ravi Vij

The highlight of this week has been our interview with myeloma expert Dr. Ravi Vij. Read his interview here to know about myeloma treatments currently under development.

Dr. Bikul Das

Dr. Bikul Das in his lab.

We also connected with Dr. Bikul Das, and talked about his study on stem cells and altruism.

CureTalk buzzz…

  • Common Cold virus 3D

    Three dimensional image of the common cold virus. Image: University of Melbourne

    CoMMpass trial with MMRF and US Oncology Research

  • IL-16 for multiple myeloma treatment
  • Cold virus simulation
  • Elotuzumab antibody therapy for multiple=

    Elotuzumab is onto phase III trials for safety and efficacy in combination with lenalidomide and dexamethasone.

    FDA approves HIV drug, Truvada

  • Elotuzumab clinical trial results
  • Antibody drug conjugate for multiple myeloma
Jennifer Myers

Jennifer Myers

Jennifer Myers, writes about mentally ill being considered dangerous.

Read Pat Killingswort’s blogs on Carfilzomib approval, here and here.
TrialX, our main site has a new look. Take a peek here.

Stay tuned for more…

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