How do I know the Kyprolis story is BIG NEWS? Mom called!

Yes.  FDA approval of Onyx Pharmaceutical’s new anti-myeloma drug,carfilzomib (trade name Kyprolis), is news.  Big news.  But let’s remember why.

Kyprolis is the first myeloma therapy approved by the FDA in six years.

Surprised?  I was!  I learned about this while researching my new book, New Multiple Myeloma Therapies from a Patient’s Perspective.  Considering all of the research activity and drugs in the multiple myeloma pipeline, it is hard to believe that the two most recent FDA approvals were back in 2006.

But that isn’t the big news.  The big news is, of course, financial.  In this case, FDA approval means billions of dollars in sales or the financially strapped drug company.

I located 24 links to publications covering the story this morning.  Most were financial online newsletters.  But the big-boys are covering this, too.  Here are links to some of the better known media outlets:

FDA Approves Drugs for Cancer and Myeloma
New York Times

FDA approves Onyx blood cancer drug Krypolis
CBS News

FDA OKs Onyx’s Kyprolis for multiple myeloma
Chicago Tribune

FDA approves Onyx blood cancer drug Kyprolis
Huffington Post

Now financial news sources:

Onyx shares rally after FDA OKs cancer treatment

UPDATED: Onyx wins accelerated approval for myeloma drug Kyprolis

Kyprolis Approved Early; Estimates Must Go Up, ONXX Now In The Mid-Cap

Why Onyx Pharmaceuticals Shares Turned Into Gold

But how do I know that this was REALLY BIG NEWS?

Driving to the airport yesterday, my cell phone rang.  It was my mother in Rockford, Illinois.

“I was listening to WGN on the way back from Chicago after lunch, and they started talking about a new multiple myeloma drug that was just approved by the FDA!”  I could hear the excitement in her voice as she continued.  “They said it works for one third patients that had run out of options.  It’s called… Well, by the time I pulled-over to write it down they had moved on to something else.  I think it’s called Kyprols.”

“Kyprolis” I said.  “It used to be called carfilzomib.  And Yes, I wrote about that earlier today.”

“Is it an option for you, son?  Do you think it’s something that might work for you?” She asked, hopefully.

“I think so.” I said, reassuringly.  “Do you remember two summers ago when I told you about the big reception I attended at the Museum of Natural History? “

“Was that for this?”  She asked, cutting me off.  She does that a lot!

“It was.”  I answered.  “The company that manufactures it is Onyx Pharmaceuticals.”

Isn’t that the way it is when you have an uncommon form of cancer?  Your mother gets all atwitter when she hears news about it on the radio!

I’m not sure news of the Kyprolis approval will make the Saturday morning Today Show.  But to be featured on WGN radio in Chicago is sort of a big deal.  It sure was for mom!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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