The CureTalk Weekly Round Up

Cure talk weekly roundup

An amazing week!
Dr. Richard J. Ablin

Dr. Richard J. Ablin, discovered the prostate specific antigen in 1970.

CureTalk talked to Dr. Richard J. Ablin, the eminent scientist and discoverer of the PSA. We spoke to him at length about discovery of PSA, the USPTF recommendations, his advice to patients and much more. Do not miss the interview; click here for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Mike Baker, interview with Cure Talk

Mike Baker was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in 2011.

We had immense pleasure to talk to Mike Baker, a lung cancer survivor and a freelance journalist from UK in our patient/survivor interview section. His immense strength and his way of fighting his terminal lung cancer is an inspiration to many. Read the interview here.

Jenny Frost

Lung Cancer awareness campaign - Jenny Frost

In our Monthly Feature on Lung Cancer, we wrote about,

Diabetes risk and breakfast

Eat breakfast regularly to keep away diabetes.

In our Diabetes Section, we curetalked about,

Copy number variation prostate cancer

A DNA test to predict prostate cancer relapse.

In addition, we reported on,

Perifosine trialOur Guest Blogs,

Stay tuned for more in the coming week…

Until then, stay healthy and keep smiling.

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