Top 5 Bloggers Of Lung Cancer

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Top 5 Lung Cancer Blogs

Last week we announced the list of top 5 schizoaffective blogs and we follow up this week with the list of top 5 bloggers who blog about lung cancer. This is the story about people diagnosed with lung cancer, their choices of treatment, their happiness, and their grief. While a blogger finds relief when she responds to an investigative trial drug and rediscovers life, another one, opts for alternative therapies, and another, continues to inspire and spread the word of hope from beyond. Do take a look…

  • Life and Breath: Living with Lung Cancer : An amazing and informative blog by Linnea Duff. Having been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, she enrolled for a clinical trial (crizotinib, Xalkori) and has had a remarkable response to the trial drug. She writes the blog with the aim of offering hope and sharing with her readers, her life, and experiences of having terminal lung cancer. She discusses her treatment and her progress.
  • Emily’s lung cancer journey: The best thing about the blog is the feel good look it has. Emily declares that through this blog she aims to create awareness of lung cancer in women. She offers a story of hope and her last post in June 2011 announces that her PET/CT scans show no cancer! Wish she would write more and update her readers.
  • Lung cancer life: This blog discusses the negative and positive aspects of lung cancer treatments and living with lung cancer. The blogger looks at things hopefully and at the same time manages to infect her readers with the same amount of positive thinking that she harbors as is evident from the comments from her friends. Lot of information about lung cancer is available on the blog and is a treat to read.
  • The Angels are Busy: This is a very unique blog since this involves letters written by Sue Lane, who lived with lung cancer for 17 years. She felt that her life was akin to Alice, who stumbles down into a rabbit hole to find herself in wonderland, in this case a land where her lung cancer predominated. However, she was an optimist to the core and wrote letters to her family and friends about her lung cancer, treatment, and progression. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2012. Her family and friends have compiled her letters and are posting them so that her strength and courage could inspire others.
  • Mike Baker’s Cancer Blog: This is a bit of a celebrity blog, since Mike is a journalist, TV and Radio broadcaster. The blog was listed at Number 5 in Cision’s Top 10 Cancer Blogs in UK, 2011. Special it is since Mike has been following an alternative medicine regime since the beginning of the year 2012 and seems to doing fine without the chemotherapy or the Tarceva tablets. This is his journey of trying to live and survive with lung cancer.

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  1. Thak you for the kind mention – and even bigger thanks for introducing me to the other bloggers mentioned her.
    Great website – keep up the wonderful work.
    Mike Baker

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  4. As Emily’s mother, I just wanted to let you know that she is still doing great! Her last scan was clear. In fact, she is off to ASCO later this week. She is attending as a patient advocate.


    • Hello Jane,

      Thank you so much for the update. We were eager to learn about Emily. Very happy to know that her scan was clear.


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