Top 5 Blogs on Schizoaffective Disorders That You Should Visit

top 5 schizoaffective disorder blogs

My list of top 5 personal blogs on Schizoaffective disorders.

While researching for our Schizoaffective disorder series, I came across some very excellent narration of the anguish and hope that people suffering from the condition go through. While some shared personal experiences, other held out their hands and hearts to help those coping with this unnerving mental disorder. I could not let the discovery pass by without compiling a list that can help people reach out and support each other.

So here goes…

  1. – This is a cute blog, titled Dancing with Psychosis, by Gemma from Nebraska. Easy rendition of experiences with abandon strikes a very personal note with the readers.
  2. – Quite intellectual write-ups. They impress you with their practical muses and knowledge. The artist/author dubbed himself, ‘King of Mental Illnesses’ and his blogs can be an inspiration for many afflicted with schizoaffective disorder.
  3. – This is Pandora’s blog. Amazingly witty and funny, her sense of humor made it to this list. She is direct and does not give a damn. A lovely blog.
  4. – I don’t know whether this can be called a blog, seems more like a support group, and a very nice read. Members share their stories about their experiences, meet other people with schizoaffective disorder, and benefit from each other’s advice. A must visit.
  5. – An amazing blog, which spews confidence and strength. Authored by Jen Daisybee, the blog is an inspiration for those affected with mental disorders to meet each day with unparalleled conviction and courage.

This is purely my personal list and if I have left out anyone do let me know…

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5 thoughts on “Top 5 Blogs on Schizoaffective Disorders That You Should Visit

    • Hello Jen,

      Yours is a wonderful blog and I should say that you write very well.
      You blog definitely deserves to be included in the list.


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