Cyclist Lance Armstrong, Testicular Cancer Survivor, Inspires Indian Cricketer, Yuvraj Singh In His Fight Against Cancer

Yuvraj Singh and Lance Armstrong

Yuvraj Singh inspired by Lance Armstrong

Seven times Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong has wished the ailing Indian cricketer, Yuvraj Singh, currently undergoing treatment for his rare mediastinal cancer in the US, a speedy recovery. Yuvraj Singh had previously stated that he is taking inspiration from the cyclist who returned to the tracks to win seven consecutive titles after surviving testicular cancer. Yuvi is reading Lance Armstrong’s’ book, ‘It’s not about the bike’, for motivation and strength to pull through the aggressive cancer treatment program. The cyclist has since then sent Yuvraj a personally signed letter pledging support from his Livestrong team,

I want you to know that the entire Livestrong team is here for you. We say it all the time, and truly believe in it: Knowledge is Power, Unity is Strength, and Attitude is Everything.

Lance Armstrong’s Story and Testicular Cancer

Lance Armstrong is one of the world’s best cyclists. He has won World Championships, multiple Tour de France stages, and the Tour Du Pont. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 25. Unfortunately, for him, he did not pay heed to warnings from physicians and left his cancer untreated. The cancer spread to his lungs, abdomen, and brain. Though testicular cancer if detected early has almost 90% cure rate, the spread dimmed Lance’s chances.

After his orchiectomy, Lance began his primary treatment under Dr. Lawrence Einhorn and Dr. Craig Nichols, Indiana University, Indianapolis. His brain tumors were surgically removed by Scott A. Shapiro, Professor of Neurosurgery. Dr. Einhorn pioneered use of cisplatinum for treating testicular cancer instead of bleomycin to avoid lung toxicity problems and this decision could very well have saved Lance’s cycling career for he went on to win seven consecutive Tour de France titles from 1999 to 2005.

Lance was diagnosed with cancer in 1996 and within a year, his cancer was into complete remission. A combination of physical treatments, aggressive medications, therapies, strong support system and the will to fight the cancer, helped Lance emerge winner. During the course of treatment Lance formed the Lance Armstrong Foundation to help people suffering from cancer in their fight against the condition.

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