Ask Dory is Winner of the NCI’s Health Application Challenge! We are excited at Team TrialX

Have you Asked Dory yet? She how she can help you connect with a trial investigator at

Hello CureTalk readers and TrialX supporters, users

Happy 2012 and we kick off to some great news here at TrialX. Our team (Ask Dory) was adjudged as a winner of a national health application development challenge sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the Office of the National Coordinator of Health to use publicly available data to create consumer friendly applications. View the full press release of the HHS

We are very excited about this as our application Ask Dory, represents some cutting-edge innovation to help you and your loved ones find clinical trial investigators and connect with them effortlessly. Ask Dory works a personalized and interactive expert system that uses an intelligent entropy based decision tree algorithm (learn more) to narrow down the possible matches by leading patients through a step-by-step question answering system. Dory not only provides patient’s intelligent matches, but it also enables patients to talk to research sites in real-time using a ‘live call’ button. When used, Dory automatically dials and connects both the site and patient in the same telephonic conversation. Shown below is a schematic of Dory making a Live call to connect a patient to a clinical trial site.

Schematic Showing Dory Connecting a Patient to a Site in Real-time

We hope you will love Dory. Please feel free to give us feedback at info AT

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