Dr. Einhorn Treating Cricketer Yuvraj Singh for Germ Cell Tumor


Dr. Einhorn and Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh under Dr. Einhorn's treatment.

Star cricketer of India, Yuvraj Singh, who was earlier diagnosed with mediastinal cancer, is currently undergoing chemotherapy sessions under the care of Dr. Lawrence H Einhorn, oncologist, Indiana University’s Cancer Center. Dr. Einhorn has to his claim the credit of having revolutionized treatment for germ cell cancers. Dr. Einhorn’s success stories include his famous patient, Lance Armstrong, winner of Tour de France. Incidentally, Yuvraj is battling a similar type of cancer. While Armstrong was diagnosed with stage IV testicular cancer in 1996, Yuvraj is battling the cancer in his thorax.

Dr. Lawrence H Einhorn

Dr Einhorn is an oncologist and Professor of Medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine. He is the person responsible for increasing survival rates for testicular cancer from 10% to 95% with the development of life saving medical treatment for germ cell tumors.

Dr. Einhorn has received many accolades for his work in the scientific community including Riley Distinguished lecturer in 1993, Glenn Irwin Experience Excellence Award in 1996, Herman b Wells Visionary Award in 2001. 

He led the medical team that saved Lance Armstrong’s life.

Germ Cell Tumors

Germ cell tumors are tumors that develop from a germ cell which is the reproductive cell – egg cells in women and sperm cells in men. Hence, germ cell tumors are more common in the ovaries and testicles. However, if these cells linger along their way during their fetal life, it is plausible to find germ cell tumors growing in stomach, mediastinum, or brain. Yuvraj’s cancer is growing in the mediastinum.

Chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy are the common treatment procedures followed for mediastinal cancer and in Yuvraj’s case doctors predict a high percentage of recovery since his cancer has been detected in its I stage.

The cricket community is expecting Yuvraj back in action by May after his treatment.



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