The Best Resource for Multiple Myeloma News

My friend Pat Killingsworth created a blog called Multiple Myeloma News.

I highly recommend this great resource for the latest on multiple myeloma (MM) news. What is so unique about Pat’s blog is that you will find MM related news from a person with multiple myeloma.  He will share with you first hand what he agrees with or disagrees with. He will back certain stories and will challenge others. He is an independent journalist and offers his unbiased, un-bribed opinions.

He also went to San Diego and covered ASH first hand. You can read all about the coverage, specifically the MM-related presentations on his blog.  He addresses the following big stories from ASH:

  • Vorinostat
  • Proteosome inhibitors
  • Elotuzamab
  • A new Velcade-sister drug called MLN9708 by Millennium Pharmaceuticals

Definitely check out Multiple Myeloma News!

And for Multiple Myeloma related clinical trials, please click the link for the world’s best clinical trials search tool for multiple myeloma related clinical trials.

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