The best holiday diet and weight loss plan

My approach is simple to holiday dieting but before I get to that, let me outline the probable, almost certain future when it comes to eating this holiday season:

  • There is a lot of yummy food surrounding you
  • Morning, noon and night are composed of food and drink focused activities
  • These activities encourage consuming large quantities of food, beverages, desserts, candy, cake and pie
  • All bets are off, guards are down, and the “hand picking up food, and placing it in mouth as often as possible” activities commence
  • No weight will be lost or maintained. In fact, weight will probably increase as will the flab factor

SO, here is my simple plan:

Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full and only consume food that will leave you feeling great.

For example, I know that eating too much bread and dairy products makes me bloated

I know that eating too much food in general makes me feel awful.

Drinking more than even a few glasses of wine or alcohol makes me feel sick and lethargic the next day

I also know that eating greens and fruits make me feel great.

I will avoid doing these things and I will eat when I am hungry, will stop when I am full and will only consume the foods that leave me feeling great!

So listen to your body, and do what will leave you feeling not just satisfied, but great, energized, light and healthy!

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