Za’atar — a yummy spice and laxative?


Za’atar is a middle Eastern spice that is a bit lemony, minty and salty all in one. It tastes amazing on toasted flat bread, eggs, salads, some cheeses and many other things. I remember having za’atar some years ago and have been keeping my eyes open to purchase some ever since. Well I finally came across this great Middle Eastern shop in Brooklyn and bought a rather large amount of it. I could not wait to sprinkle this tasty spice on everything I made.  I put about a teaspoon full on my eggs and toast the next morning and then had to promptly visit the bathroom about 30 minutes later.

I have wonky digestion so didn’t really think anything of this, but a few days later, I had some on pita bread and again, I needed to make a trip to the bathroom about 30 minutes later.

I then set up an experiment for myself:

Every other morning I put za’atar on my breakfast and on the mornings I did, there was again, a need to visit the bathroom. This need was much more severe and desperate than on the non-za’atar mornings. The correlation was undeniable. I apologize for describing my digestive issues here on CureTalk but I am fascinated by this connection.  Has anyone else experienced the connection between za’atar and enhanced and expedited digestion? I’d love to hear your input and personal experience with this.

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