Khloe Kardashian Overcomes Infertility By Injecting Gonadotropins

According to several gossip and celebrity sites, Khloe Kardashians, the 27 year old TV and paparazzi star suffered from infertility. In fact confirming this, she even focused the recent episodes of her reality show on this topic, going on to discuss fertility problem and specifically debunking the myth that child birth is a problem which is only faced by women when they reach they age of late 30’s or early 40’s. According to WebMD, an estimated 10 percent of couples face fertility struggles.

Khloe’s History of Infertility

After being married for four years. Khloe started thinking of having kids (she was 25 then). But even after six months of trying, it was not possible for her to get pregnant. At that point she came to know that something was wrong, and took her mother in law’s help (who is a registered nurse). Her mother in law took her to a friend who was a nurse to a reproductive endocrinologist.

After invasive and embarrassing ultrasounds to check the ovarian follicles, tests to measure sperm counts, blood tests to measure hormone levels and a very painful procedure to verify that her fallopian tubes were open, she came to know that she was suffering from Luteal Phase Defect. This medical term means that the eggs are being ovulated before reaching full maturity.

Finding a Solution to the Kardashian’s diagnosis

The solution to this problem was prescribing the fertility drug Clomid which can induce and stimulate normal ovulation. But when this drug failed, she was forced to move on to very expensive injectable drugs called Gonadotropins. These drugs frequently induce multiple mature eggs, raising chances of twins, triplets and even octuplets. After two months of injecting needles into her belly, she finally got pregnant. A healthy baby boy was born to her.


Infertility is a topic which most couples do not discuss very openly. And they also dont recognize that they are not the only ones facing such problems. So Kudos to Khloe Kardashian for in keeping the cameras rolling, while discussing the problem that she and many more women face.

Listed below are some clinical trials that are investigating the development of new treatments for infertility.

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