“Rise of the Planet of the Apes” – scientific issues

I recently saw this highly entertaining movie.  I truly enjoyed it, but there were two facts I had contention with. (Major, spoiler alert):

  1. Bright Eyes, the female in the beginning who escapes and runs rampant and eventually bursts through a large glass window and lands dead on the
    A recent mother

    A recent chimp mother

    conference room table just had a baby. But the scientists who closely observed and studied her had no idea.  A bulging stomach, blood after the pregnancy, fluctuating blood and hormone levels would have all been captured at that fancy animal facility. Also, lactating female chimpanzees have milk in their mammary glands, just like lactating female humans do.  Bright Eyes had a very male looking chest as she died on the conference room table.

  2. When Will (the lead scientist) injects the first form of the viral vector medicine into his father who has Alzheimer’s disease, his father was basically cured the next day. We can presume the viral vector worked so good that his dad’s brain had completely healed.  A few days after though, he started decomposing back into the confused state he had been in before Will injected the mediation into him.  Will said it was because the human immune system cleared the virus away.  But if the vector already deposited its regenerative medicine inside of Will’s dad’s brain, it would not matter if the viruses were cleared away, the regeneration had already occurred.  What would have been more accurate would have been to claim that the new neurons or connections were unstable and were eventually cleared away by the body.

These facts aside, speaking/reading/writing chimps taking over the world at the same time as an awful man made virus wipes out the human race, more power to ya!!!  Can’t wait for part 2!

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