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Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana is a dried and powdered extract of the hemp plant. One of the 400 chemicals found in the hemp plant is called delta -9 tetrahydrocannibol (THC), which is responsible for the mind altering effect of this plant. The larger the amount of THC , the greater is the effect of marijuana’s overpowering strength. THC is found in different forms in different types of marijuana. Hashish, sinsemilla, hash oil are some types of marijuana. In several countries and in most states of the USA, Marijuana is considered an illicit drug. Some of the mental and physical effects of marijuana are  being described here.

Effects of Marijuana – Inhalation of marijuana can lead to  physiological and cognitive effects. These include rapid heart beats, eye expansion, convulsions, blood vessels dilation, dry mouth , increased blood pressure, decrease in reaction to the surroundings, dislikes, poor coordination. The chemical THC blocks the neural activity in some active part of brain, due to this emotional, behavioral senses are lost. There are certain documented effects on respiratory system as well, which is the acute form of tobacco smokers. Marijuana abuse destroys nerve cells, and impaired verbal, and memory loss. Patients may experience phlegm, chronic bronchitis, heavy cough, and chest pain.

Clinical Trials of Marijuana Treatments – Clinical trials for marijuana abuse are an important step in the development of new treatments and 20 clinical trials are currently active in the United State for marijuana abuse. These clinical trials are being conducted in 15 cities and are being performed by 15 different clinical trial investigators (doctors who conduct and supervise the clinical study). . 28 interventions are being tested in marijuana abuse clinical trials. Of the 20 marijuana abuse clinical trials (medical research studies), 2 clinical trials are in Phase I, 10 are in Phase II and 2 are in Phase III (read more about <a href=””>what the different phases of a clinical trial mean and how they differ</a>). There are 20 marijuana abuse trials currently active in the United States.

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If you or your friend or family has marijuana abuse, then you may want to find a clinical trial. You can use the marijuana abuse clinical trials tool to find a medical study near you.

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