FDA Issues New Guidelines for Sunscreen Labels

New Sunscreen labels to provide accurate guidelines

New Sunscreen labels to provide accurate guidelines

According to an article published in La Times, the states of Utah, Vermont, and New Hampshire have the highest number of cases registered for Melanoma, the most common type of skin cancer which is mostly caused due to sun exposure.

The data from the year 2007, provided by ”Centers of Disease Control and Prevention”, shows that death rate due to melonoma  is higher in Oklahoma, Kentucky, South Dakota, and Delaware which is about 4 people per every 100,000 and lower in Hawaii, Louisiana, and Nebraska which is about 2 people for every 100,000.

    People are advised to read the labels on their sunscreens carefully as it will provide them with more accurate knowledge about its effectiveness against harmful rays of the sun, which may cause many skin diseases including cancer.  The FDA recently  issued guidelines for some additions in sunscreen labels. These are

    • Labels should provide clear information about their ability to offer protection against UV rays.
    • Labels should provide information about their ability to reduce risks of skin cancer.
    • Sunscreen labels should provide information about their ability to reduce risks of early signs of aging.

    The most common types of skin cancer are ‘Basal Cell Carcinoma’ and ‘Squamous Cell Carcinoma’, but these are not as deadly as melanoma. According to “National Cancer Institute”, the number of cases of melanoma grew by 2.6% each year, between the year 1985 and 2008. An estimated 8,700 patients died because of Melanoma last year.

    Finding of a new study

    A new study found that some UV related skin cancers are more likely to occur on left arm and left side of the face. To protect ourselves from this, we should apply sunscreen before going out in sun or getting into the car.
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