Diabetes may increase your risk for Cancer: Gabriel Lai of NCI reports on Diet and Health Study

Diabetes has always been associated to some kind of illnesses and now researchers that report that it can also heighten the risk for developing cancer.

This finding is one of the outcomes of the 11 year old ‘Diet and Health Study’ conducted by the National Cancer Institute in collaboration with the As. The study was based on the data collected from approximately 500,000 people on their health, diet and lifestyle over 11 years. All the participants were aged between 50 and 71. Let me list out the findings of this research, below.

  • One of the important findings of the research is that diabetes increases cancer risk among human beings. Having diabetes increases the risk of death due to cancer, by 11% in women and by 17% in men.
  • Diabetes not only increases the risk of dying from cancer, it also increases the chance of being diagnosed with cancer.
  • For women with diabetes, the risk of developing cancer is as high as 8%.
  • However, for men, the statistics is little complicated. Considering the factor that diabetes reduces the risk of prostate cancer, the overall chance factor came to be on the negative side – the diabetic men are 4% less likely to develop cancer. However, the risk of developing any other type of cancer except prostate is around 9%, which is more in comparison to the risk for women.
  • Diabetes increases the cancer risk; the risk is particularly high for liver, colon and rectal cancers for men and women, both. Women affected with diabetes are more susceptible for stomach, endometrial and anal cancers. Similarly, the risk for pancreatic cancer and bladder cancer is comparatively high for men suffering with diabetes.

The study presents some compelling evidence for the link between Diabetes and Cancers. However, as the lead author Gabriel Lai, PhD says, ““Follow-up studies to identify the biologic mechanisms involved should be performed to build upon confirmed findings,” Lai said.”

Several clinical trials are being conducted to investigate new treatments for both Diabetes and Cancer. Some of these are listed below

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