Top 10 blogs written by Multiple Myeloma heroes that you should read

Dear Cure Talk readers,

I’ve been researching the online world of Multiple Myeloma and decided to compile the best of the blogs list. I chose these blogs based on four important characteristics: readability, regularity, informativeness and fun. Let’s begin, shall we?

10) Lorna and Micky Our-loma – Cute title. Fun, great photos. Very regular and my favorite part is that little fish program at the bottom of the blog.  They follow your mouse around, it’s really neat.  Not ranking high on the informativeness scale, it still made our list!

That fish program I was talking about...this is just a still shot

9) Myeloma Hope – With a full blood panel graph on Don’s June 2nd post, this blog is definitely informative.  He also posts lots of food pics (shout out to all of you foodies). Although Don doesn’t blog regularly he made our #9 spot.

8) The Adventures of Cancer Girl – I love this blog. Karen posts quick, regular, fun, blogs.  She also peppers her blog with pictures of rock stars…mostly male rock stars, so that is always nice to see.  It is not hugely informative but all the crazy situations Karen gets her self into make up for that.

Cancer Girl's Profile Pic - An African Bullfrog!

7) My Life with Myeloma —  Sean Tiernan’s blog is solid. It is informative, offers regular updates, and is decorated with beautiful photographs that I believe Sean himself takes.

6) MMRF – This is a non-bog, but we love the MMRF.  Their site has fantastic information about events, ways to get involved and new bits of information to learn about MM treatments and research.

5) The Myeloma Beacon – While I am on the non-blog bandwagon, the Myeloma Beacon is another non-blog but again is very professionally written and they do a lot to tie the MM bloggosphere together. Many people with an interest in MM look to the Myeloma Beacon as a source for new information insights into the cutting edge of MM research.  Not so high on the fun scale, but strong marks on the readability, regularity and informative scale.

4) Feresaknit’s Blog –  Feresa’s blog is hilarious, very fun and has occasional posts chocked full of good advice and MM wisdom.  Fera also has a penchant for knitting and crafts.  She is a great commenter on other blogs helping to keep the MM blogosphere alive and well.

3) Stem Cell Transplant Blog —  Yvon Papillon’s blog is uplifting, very regular and also full of good tips regarding his experience with stem cell transplants. Check those comments too. He replies and offers great answers to reader’s questions.

2) Margaret’s Corner – Margaret’s blog is revolutionary. She writes about her life in Italy and her own experiments with Curcumin. She also is super active in the MM blogosphere and helps keep the community linked together.

1) Pat’s Myeloma Blog – Pat is not only an amazing blogger, he is a friend of mine. Cure Talk syndicates his often times, twice daily updated blog. Pat blogs about his own experience battling MM, his opinions about new treatments and his family, friends and daily life. Pat’s heart is all over his blog. It is open, easy to read and popular.  Even the pharmaceutical industry knows about Pat and his influential blog. Pat fills his blog with tips ranging from therapy choices, facilities he receives treatment from and food and exercise choices. He is also extremely active in the social media scene tweeting and commenting regularly on other blogs. Way to go Pat for being our #1 MM blogger!!

Pat's MM Blog

Pat's MM Blog

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9 thoughts on “Top 10 blogs written by Multiple Myeloma heroes that you should read

  1. i am wondering how many of these blogs are also listed in the list made some time back by wego health ranking 11 myeloma blogs. Seems like pretty similar, though they only listed the best 11 blogs, not ranked them

    also – i noticed bloggosphere , which i think shud be ‘blogosphere’ with only one ‘g’

    i like pat’s blog.

    • Hi Kreese721,

      Thanks for the blogosphere correction.

      Yes, the list is similar, but not a duplicate by any means.

      I love Pat’s blog.

      Thanks for the comment!
      – Kim

  2. I am surprised you didn’t give any honorable mentions to people like Bob on Deludia or to Phil Brabbs for his “Dominate” blog which has a huge following….

    • Hi Muranosb44 and Frankscott97,

      I saw the Dominate blog, and although popular and fun, it didn’t really fit the other criteria by which I was ranking blogs. Is there an information section there? It wasn’t apparent to me. I also really like the Deludia blog, it is very poetic and regular but not very informative and a little cumbersome to navigate. These blogs are important and helpful to many readers I am sure, but just not according to my particular ranking criteria. It is not that they don’t count or don’t matter! Thanks so much for your comments!
      – Kim

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  5. there is a ton of other multiple myeloma blogs . some of them may have become obsolete – here is just a few that i have found through random google searches

    1. nicks myeloma blog (
    2. Beth Morgan Multiple Myeloma Treatment Blog – ( – nice theme, beth!
    3. myeloma hope blog – ( )
    4. – though not updated in a
    few years – this is indeed unique in its layout and treatment details
    5. lori puent’s riding the wave blog –
    6. chri’s myeloma blog –

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