Allergies and The Neti Pot — Yes, it works

This is the Neti Pot I got

OK, so last Friday I bought a Neti Pot. It was $16.99 at my local health food store. I also bought some natural, non-iodized salt for $3.99 and that night was the first night I “nettied” (nasal irrigation).  Yes, it felt odd.  My eyes teared up, and my breathing quickened and became shallow, but I got through it and actually felt clearer immediately afterwards. The next morning, I felt much better than I had the morning before and have nettied once since that time. Last night, I should have nettied (I put myself on an every other night nettying schedule) but did not because it was too late and today I am paying the price.

My eyes are puffy, I am sneezing and I am kind of groggy today.

I have late-onset allergic rhinitis and I can now say I have found a natural remedy that really works.

Last week I posted a blog with a video in it about how to properly netty. Check it out, I know it helped me prepare for it.

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