Stem Cell Transplant Clinical Trials

Stem Cell Transplant is performed to cure diseases associated with bone marrow, blood or some types of cancers. The process involves infusing immature hematopoietic stem cells into the patient’s body, which in turn produces new blood cells. These new healthy blood cells are capable of increasing the strength and immunity of the system.

To perform the procedure, hematopietic blood cells must be collected from the bone marrow, blood stream or umbilical cord blood and stored properly to maintain its exceptional healing properties. There are two different types of Stem Cell Transplants; one is Autologous, where the patient is considered as donor and Allogenic, where the stem cells are collected from another donor.

However, Stem Cell Transplant is still going through lots of research and development. The aftermath of Stem Cell Transplant can be disastrous to certain patients with infection, veno-occlusive disease, mucositis, graft-versus-host symptoms and so. Even the donor is also not free from the risks of the procedure. They might also grow drug risk, access risk or severe reactions.

Clinical trials are a major step in the development of Stem Cell Transplantation.These clinical trials are being conducted in 41 cities and are being performed by 55 different clinical trial investigators (doctors who conduct and supervise the clinical study). There are currently 98 different interventions being investigated in stem cell transplantation clinical trials. 98 interventions are being tested in stem cell transplantation clinical trials. Some Stem Cell Transplantation clinical trials are being performed and managed in 41 cities by 55 different clinical trial investigators. Clinical trials for stem cell transplantation are an important step in the development of new treatments and 50 clinical trials are currently active in the United State for stem cell transplantation.

Stem Cell Transplantation clinical trials interventions

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Sites/Medical Centers doing Stem Cell Transplantation Clinical Trials

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Clinical Trial Investigators for Stem Cell Transplantation

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List of Clinical Trials for Stem Cell Transplantation

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If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial of stem cell transplantation, you can find trials near you.

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  1. my son is 15 years old and a very bright and well mannered young man. He is currently attending school here in St. Augustine, Fl. The Florida Deaf and Blind School. He was born with optic nerver hypoplasia and until now we thought there was no hope for improvement in his vision. He recently had an eye exam and questioned his optomologist concerning his vision and possible treatment for his eye disease. Dr. Octeveck, here in St. Augustine directed us strongy to start searching out information and possible trial stem cell transplants through Duke University. I would love to hear from anyone concerning help for my wonderful son. please respond. Thank You
    Yolanda &

  2. i have a dear friend in calif, who has m.s where looking for stem cell trials in this great country of ours and can,t seem to find any are any available in the u.s.a. if so please let me know if you read this thank you david j strang

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