Lung Neoplasms Clinical Trials

Lung Neoplasm is the cancer of the lungs caused by excessive smoking or tobacco use. It is basically associated to uncontrolled cell growth in the lung tissues. It is the most common cause behind cancer related deaths around the world.

Lung Neoplasm can also be caused from any other type of cancer, other than smoking. Passive smoking, air pollution, inhaling asbestos, exposure to poisonous substances can also lead to Lung Neoplasm.

Symptoms of Lung Neoplasm are similar to other lung problems. Most of the time, there are no symptoms of Lung Neoplasm in the initial stage. Symptoms occur only in the advanced stage, when no treatment is effective. The common symptoms in the advanced stage are consistent smoker’s cough, chest pain, fatigue, loss of weight, blood in cough and breathing difficulty.

Treatment of Lung Neoplasm is quite challenging in the advanced stages. The only way to avoid Lung Neoplasm is to avoid smoking. In the advanced stage of Lung Neoplasm, treatment is based on a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Surgery can be effective in the initial stages when the cancer has not spread. Otherwise, the only options are chemotherapy and radiation therapy. At the most advanced stage of Lung Neoplasm, treatment is continued to control pain and breathing trouble.

There are currently 29 different interventions being investigated in Lung Neoplasms clinical trials. There are 20 Lung Neoplasms trials currently active in the United States. These clinical trials are being conducted in 83 cities and are being performed by 24 different clinical trial investigators (doctors who conduct and supervise the clinical study). Of the 20 Lung Neoplasms clinical trials (medical research studies), 3 clinical trials are in Phase I, 6 are in Phase II and 1 are in Phase III (read more about what the different phases of a clinical trial mean and how they differ).

Lung Neoplasms clinical trials interventions

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Clinical Trial Investigators for Lung Neoplasms

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List of Clinical Trials for Lung Neoplasms

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If you or your friend or family has lung neoplasms, then you may want to find a clinical trial. You can use the lung neoplasms clinical trials tool to find a medical study near you.

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