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We’re T minus 30 something days until Vegas. Crunch time. Meaning, time for more crunches. If you’re new to this space, a major subject I write about is my quest to get back in shape for my bachelor party. As I’ve said before, I don’t want to look like a chump at the pool. That’s the short term motivation. The long term motivation isn’t quite so shallow.

I’ve been working out for about two months and I’ve seen some results. My arms and shoulders and chest are more solid and my endurance has increased a bit. However, the weight still isn’t coming off. The gut is shrinking, but not fast enough. That’s why I’ve decided to take a dramatic step. No, I’m not stepping up the cardio portion of my workout. That would be obvious, not dramatic. While the cardio option remains on the table, as of April 1st, I have given up…the drink.

Alcohol has been a pretty big part of my life over the last decade. There have been a lot of parties, a lot of bars, and a lot of random week nights. Now, drinking hasn’t caused any serious problems in my life, unless you count the occasional bout of erectile dysfunction. A serious problem which I don’t have, so there’s no “issue” here. Just so you know.

My issue is more of a health issue. I’m just more concerned with the empty calories that alcohol represents as well as the water weight it packs on. Here are some facts. Also, my liver has no idea what’s going on. It would be like your boss telling you that you’re on paid vacation until further notice. You’d be like, “Wait, what?” That’s what my liver is saying right now. It doesn’t know what to do with itself right now. But it will get snapped back to reality at some point. I’m not quitting drinking forever. Beer and scotch are too delicious.

My plan is this: keep on the wagon up for a couple weeks until a friend comes to visit for a long weekend. That will put me at the end of April. Then I’ll get back on the wagon until a few days before the party. I’m not hitting Vegas without priming the pump first. Makes sense right?

So what does this mean for you? Well maybe you can take a look at your alcohol, food, TV, coffee, sweets, or whatever consumption. Is there a little something you could cut down on? I bet there is.

Beer Gut

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