Depression and Suicide – A Public Health Concern

Suicidal tendency is rapidly increasing among the teenagers, mostly due to depression.

Not all depression incidents result in suicide, but there are quite a few situations, where depression does lead suicidal attempt or committing suicide itself. As you know, the latest statistical reports prove that there has been an alarming rise in the number of people affected with clinical depression. Depression is a risk factor for committing suicide. Hence given the increase in depression, it is important to recognize the link between  depression and suicide.

Depression – whether it is mild or severe; does include a feeling of lowness and sadness in the mind of the affected persons. This feeling of sadness or lowness often leads to a feeling of worthlessness and loneliness. If not attended at these depictive symptoms of depression on proper time, then the situation can turn to be worse inviting problems like self hurting or suicidal attempts. An attempt to commit suicide is mostly noticed for patients affected with major or chronic type of depression. In fact, suicidal thoughts might even come to one’s mind at the moderate level of depression, too. This might mature to reality, when the depression turns to be severe from moderate level. According to a latest survey, about 15% of depression cases end up to suicide.

Causes behind Depression-related Suicide

A person can think of attempting suicide, when he/she is full of negative thoughts and nothing else. Suicide is the last way out for these persons to get rid of their unbearable emotional condition. Often a person undergoing treatment for depression, can also attempt suicide by being restless and hopeless for getting back to normal and completely right state of health. Several social, physical and psychological situations adds up to the risk, some of which are – learning about suicide, living in custody, easy availability of guns or knives or other dangerous tool, alcoholic, impulsiveness, violence in family and so on. The most serious concern in this regard is that not only adults, nowadays even children and young adults are also getting provoked to suicidal attempts for various underlying reasons.

How to Get Help?

Getting help is absolutely required for the patients of clinical depression, no matter in what stages they are. If the affected person is not in a status to take care of his/her health, then it is the primary responsibility of the family members and friends to get the person under immediate medical attention. Depression can be treated within couple of months or so, if it is reported at the preliminary stage. Even after the treatment, the patient should remain under adequate care and attention in home. Without this support, one can face recurrence of depression, with much more severity. However, every one may not be lucky enough to enjoy personal attention at home. But, they can always take help from support groups, available in his/her locality. Only thing is that, they need to take little initiative to contact the support group and to get enrolled as a member. One can also join a support group, even with a full-fledged supportive family and friends. The support groups will be able to deal the situation more carefully and professionally than you do at your home. Joining clinical trials also helps a patient to get proper treatment and prevent anything destructive.

Some of the clinical trials links on this subject are given below:

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